San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency

Highlighting an Attainable Southern California Lifestyle

San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency


The San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency had undergone an internal culture shift from being a passive government agency, to becoming a proactive connector of people and industry. Burdened with an overwhelming legacy website, their marketing team asked for our help in making the transition to a modern site that showcased their desire to serve businesses and the community.

Our strategy was to refocus the marketing efforts by showcasing the youthful lifestyle elements of the largest county in the US, include more images of people on the site, and create an overall design aesthetic and experience that feels lively. We immediately agreed that the site should feel aspirational as well as factual.

San Bernardino Home

UI/UX Design,

Information Architecture

Organizing for the Future

Like many legacy sites we encounter this site had a lot of content that had been tacked onto it over time. Our first goal was to simplify the site and make navigating on it quick and obvious. Knowing that this dynamic organization hosts multiple events every year and engages in new initiatives on a regular basis, we developed a strategy that allows them to easily classify new additions to the site, create new pages on their own, and manage it all themselves.

Marketing Website

The Human Touch

We took a dual strategy approach to the website.

  1. Focus the site on people
  2. Focus more on benefits to businesses and residents than on the EDA organization itself

The About page of the site shows the people who partake of the services provided by the EDA. This places the emphasis squarely on those who benefit from the EDAs work. The EDA team is then featured at the bottom of the page.

San Bernardino About

Even a page like Doing Business here is populated by photos of people, acknowledging the human connection between the EDA and the business interests the organization serves.

San Bernardino Business County

The Data page takes on a unique design incorporating icons, photos, and stats. Users can scroll through demographic information and other highlights. The Economic Development Agency can customize everything on this page, including infographics and the information displayed within the graphs.

San Bernardino Data Page

Icons & Illustrations

Simple & Clear

We picked a single lineweight illustration style for the icons across the site. The style quickly conveys highly scannable information.

Messaging & Positioning

From Aspiration to Action

As one of the fastest growing regions in the US, and boasting an attainable Southern California lifestyle, the Economic Development Agency wanted the language on their site to reflect their optimistic outlook. We peppered the site with positive headlines and turns of phrase including: Your Business Launch Pad, This is the Life, a younger population than California and the national average, a mecca for top talent, and a county of firsts.

With so much to offer, our messaging highlights many of the benefits of living and working and San Bernardino County’s: 20+ area colleges, universities, and technical schools. Global transportation infrastructure. L.A. County adjacent. Room to grow. Significant international investment. An ethnically diverse culture. Housing within reach of local families.

Art Direction,


A Place of Beauty

San Bernardino County is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts, and we wanted to show that off. The Economic Development Agency hired a photographer to obtain a library of photos under our direction.

San Bernardino Photo

Brand Extension

Making It Personal

Economic development is often about personal connection. It can be challenging to transition an initial contact from an impersonal business to bureaucracy interaction into a direct person to person relationship. One of the Economic Development Agency’s common communications points is a pre-formatted letter that provides an initial inquirer with helpful information as well as connecting them to the person at the Economic Development Agency best suited to help them.

The initial response from the Economic Development Agency is typically handled by one person. In order to start the personalization process, we created a template for this letter that allows for a picture and detailed signature for the person who can take care of the business. The San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency team was very excited about the amount of time that this template will save them.

We designed Tourism Updates and Save the Date newsletter templates for them as well. All of the templates help them utilize styling that matches the new site.

San Bernardino Newsletter


The organization of the site led to a clean, open, inviting, and streamlined online experience. We were able to both accentuate San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency’s services and highlight San Bernardino County as a good place to work, live, and do business.

We helped establish the Economic Development Agency as an individual organization connected to, but different from, other county services. Businesses often regard government agencies as obstacles. Our collaboration with the EDA team reveals them to be an agency that’s a resource dedicated to helping businesses start, grow, and thrive.

Branding & Strategy

  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Icons & Illustrations

Websites & Digital Products

  • UI/UX Design
  • Information Architecture

Photo & Video Production

  • Art Direction