We're always interested in hearing from Designers who are interested in working with us. If the following description sounds like you, then please submit a resume and cover letter.

  • Exceptional ability to translate high-level concepts into visual designs
  • Strong familiarity with modern design aesthetics and patterns for web and app design
  • Strong ability to translate brand visuals into web and app designs
  • Strong understanding and appreciation for color, typography, and composition
  • Strong understanding of mobile & responsive design
  • Strong ability to create icons, illustrations, and supporting visual content for web and app designs
  • Solid understanding of modern web technologies and workflows
  • Ability to work directly with developers to implement designs and provide assistance during design handoff
  • Ability to defend and explain your design work to other team members, Creative Director, and clients
  • Solid understanding of designing for dynamic content
  • Strong ability to present your ideas and designs to internal team and directly to clients
  • Able to work with in a fast paced sprint cycle where new work and iterations to previous work is presented to the client on a weekly basis
  • Good communication skills, a positive attitude, enjoy working in a central, visible downtown location with an open studio space
  • Enjoy in-person collaboration and respects other team members opinions and perspectives
  • Experience in either a creative agency or the internal design department of an established company
  • You’ve got to be into beautiful design and awesome user experiences to be a good fit

To Apply

Our Principles



We transform passion into something practical. Our approach is to be brave and daring, so that you stand out, your passion shines through, and your marketing efforts are thoughtfully crafted to achieve results.



Strategy is our guiding star. We start every project with a strategic phase to ensure that our actions are well-informed and that we’re pursuing the most effective approach to reaching your objectives.



We take personal pride in the work we do. Our standards for honesty, clear communication, and follow-through are very high. We say what we mean, mean what we say, and hold everyone accountable for achieving excellence.



We strive to continuously improve. Our boundless curiosity leads us to steep ourselves in the latest advances in technology, marketing, design, and social purpose branding to remain informed, progressive, and relevant.



We live balanced lives. Our four-day work week keeps us focused, calm, and available for new experiences that keep us creatively fueled. As a result, we are able to see the big picture while concentrating on the details.

Perks & Benefits

  1. 01

    Work / Life Balance

    We work a 4-day work week (32-40 hours per week). Enjoy 3-day weekends every week!

  2. 02

    The Future

    401k Plan + employer contributions after a year on the job.

  3. 03


    2 weeks paid vacation each year.

  4. 04

    Happy & Healthy

    5 days paid sick time each year.

  5. 05


    5 paid holidays each year, plus the Studio closes for the last 2.5 weeks of the year as an additional long paid holiday.

  6. 06


    Studio located in downtown Santa Cruz, CA. Free parking pass to make the commute easier.

  7. 07


    Join a humble, collaborative team.